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3.4 Million
US Farmers 

3 Million


Farm Workers

Chambas helps

them connect.

The success of the US agricultural industry depends on ​an obscure, precarious, and inefficient match-making exercise:


  • A farmer desperately searching for workers through word of mouth watches as acres of grape vineyards slowly ripen beyond commercial viability.


  • Seasonal farm workers drive through rural countrysides for hours enquiring about farmers that might be hiring.

  • Migratory workers face an even more daunting journey; some traveling hundreds of miles in search of work in towns they hardly know, in the process disrupting family stability due to a fundamental human need for sustenance.

A better approach...

Eleva Mobility (pronounced "eh-leh-vah") Chambas service enables farmers and farm labor contractors to connect with seasonal farm workers via an intuitive, location-based application. Chambas also enables workers to easily find critical services as they settle into new regions, facilitating access to healthcare, educational, financial, and even housing assistance.


Because many farm workers speak mostly Spanish and to increase accessibility, the Chambas worker service offers both English and Spanish interfaces. Additional languages will be added as the service expands.

Help for ANYONE in need of employment

Chambas expands employment opportunities for individuals unaccustomed to farm work and who do not know how to navigate the farm labor market.


These can include high school or college students looking for summer employment, a person who suddenly finds themselves unemployed, or someone looking for a flexible weekend job to supplement their income. Chambas can increase awareness of job openings for unemployed individuals living near farms that very likely face worker shortages and hence are ready to hire.

How Farmers and Farm Labor Contractors benefit from using Chambas

If you are a farmer or labor contractor, you know the difficulty of hiring seasonal workers exactly when and where you need them. Chambas makes it much easier for available workers to find you and learn about your job openings, reducing the need for inefficient word of mouth communication.

Coming Soon

Chambas will be available in production soon, however Eleva is accepting participants into its Early Adopter Program now. If you are a farmer or farm labor contractor select the green button below to apply. You'll get access to the Chambas Employer Job Listing portal where you can post jobs for free, provide feedback, and receive regular communications on the program's progress and launch details. You can also learn more about our history via "The Chambas Story" link above.

Note:  If your business has an employee (e.g., someone in your Human Resources department, a crew foreman, etc.) or farm labor contractor who manages hiring for you, you can register their contact information instead. Alternatively, please forward them a link to this site.

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